The Superfan, the Superbowl and Connecting with God

Yesterday was the Superbowl, as dubbed by Madonna as The Greatest Show on Earth. I wouldn’t know if it actually lived up to that description since I didn’t even watch it. Perhaps you expected that I would have been watching for an 8 second pop parable in a commercial that cost a quadrillion dollars. I was not. Hubs and the boys were off at a friends watching the Giants steal the Superbowl right out from under the Patriots cleats at the last second. I stayed home and got a little crafty.

BUT! I do still have a pop parable for you that is totally Superbowl related. Take a gander at Parade magazine from Sunday:

You may be expecting the cop-out #Jesusjuke pop parable, whereby I say that if you know so much about football, you should know even more about Jesus. I’d quote religious analogies like this from the cover story: If football is the unofficial national religion, then Super Bowl Sunday is the High Holiday.  I’d talk about how your faith should be found in Jesus, not football. And, I’d ask why you don’t write John 3:16 on your face like Tim Tebow? What kinda Christian, are you, anyway?!

But, that’s just not how I roll.


Parade describes the Superfan as someone who embodies the chest-beating, face-painting loony id of the American sports world.

It left me pondering: should Christians have hobbies like football? Should Christians be participating in activities outside the church with such an intense amount of passion? Should a Christian expend time, money, energy, and other resources to pursuits that have nothing to do with God?

You really wanna know what I think?

Christians should absolutely, positively, most DEFIFREAKINITELY have hobbies.

An authentic life of faith encompasses a broad range of activities.

It’s not just reading the Bible, writing in your journal, and attending church {although those things are good}.

An authentic life of faith engages God, seeks Him and finds Him in all aspects of life.


This past Christmas, my sister in law came up with the idea that we should make gifts, rather than buy them all. I decided it was the perfect time for bringing crafty back. Inspired by Pinterest {follow me here!} and my own childhood dreams of having some kind of career in the creative arts, I re-discovered something deep in my soul that was buried under the monotony of life.

By reconnecting with my creative side I was able to reconnect with God in a new and exciting way that I had long forgotten and misplaced.

When He designed Keri, there was an intentionality and purpose to who I would become. I was intricately and meticulously crafted as the one who would accomplish all of the good works that He planned for me. That design included a passion for beautiful things, such as art, music, fashion, film, and an affection for creating things with my very own hands. Before you get the wrong idea, I’m not some amazing crafter. I don’t {and probably never will} have an Etsy shop.

But, when I sit down to create something from nothing, I am deeply connected to the Creator of all things. He speaks to me, so tenderly and softly in those moments. He shows me areas in my heart that need to be renewed. He initiates a cathartic release.

At the end of a crafting session, I’m left with an intense desire to respond to Him out of this connection.

I want to give what I have received.

I am filled up to go out and fill others.

I am loved to show love.

Not all of my hobbies are so spiritual. I’ve been watching a lot of Downton Abbey lately. I am reading The Hunger Games trilogy for my book club. I eat chocolate and drink lots of espresso. {Yes, I totally consider that a hobby.}

Which leads us to the next question: shouldn’t we draw the line somewhere when it comes to hobbies? {More on that next time}


What hobbies in your life initiate an unexpected connection with God?

9 thoughts on “The Superfan, the Superbowl and Connecting with God

  1. I love to hunt and fish. Funny people think that as a Pastor I should fish because it is so very biblical – ya know the hole fisher of men thing-a-ma-bob. People do not have too much of an issue with me fishing but the hunting thing….well people just do not understand it. For me – I love to hunt more than fish although I really do enjoy both but hunting just a little more. I like it because of the camaraderie I get with the other men (I hunt with a club so there are normally about 20-30 of us hunting). When I fish – it is usually with just another person. When I hunt – I spend a good amount of time with other but then also a good amount of time alone. God and I have had some of our best conversations in that alone time. I look forward to being with the other men that I hunt with but I love my time with God when I hunt. Some people get it and some people do not and I am okay with that.

    A little less spiritual is watching Mixed Martial Arts (UFC fighting).

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. My biggest “hobby,” if you will, is writing. I consider it a hobby because I don’t do it seriously enough to call it anything more. One day, though!

    I write about God mostly so I don’t get too many unexpected connections.

    Katie is a big pinner on Pinterest and I’m sure she could tell you how she finds Jesus on Pinterest. If nothing else, as an excuse for all the countless hours she spends on it! ;)

  3. Great article! I too agree with you – we SHOULD do things that God gifted us for – and do things we are INTENSELY interested in!!! YES!!! I am a craft “dabbler” – which means I’ve tried a number of things – and never stick to any one thing for very long – but I can show you several things that I’ve made over the years to give as gifts – especially when Ashlee was a little girl. Fun times! Music is my gift and passion and I spend much time with that “hobby” everyday in listening, meditating on and teaching. We are not all gifted in the same areas – sports hold no real interest for me – I went to the superbowl party for the food (there was this ESPECIALLY yummy cheese dip and I got the recipe) and I can’t draw or paint either – no good at pictionary ;)

  4. My hobby is football. I just love football, especially college football. I am a diehard Michigan Wolverines fan. I love everything Michigan. I love football so much I think I need to repent. I even wrote a post last year in my blog called “What if God was your football Team.” I guess that post gave me an unexpected connection with God. Or some would say it just speaks to my obsession with football. How many times did I use love and football in the same sentence so far? : ) Now if football doesn’t truly connect me with God, I can say with all certainty, that it doesn’t separate me from God. I am sure I can count a few Sunday evenings this football season where I went to church for a special Sunday service as opposed to watching Sunday Night Football. So football is definately my hobby.

  5. Great post! I definitely think that there should be a line drawn when it comes to hobbies. I agree that God can be found in any aspect of life, & that He designed us each uniquely with certain passions for His creation. That said, I think the line gets crossed when our “hobbies” start to take the place of God, or start to crowd God out, or cause us to neglect our family, etc. as long as He is being glorified in our hobbies we should not feel ashamed for pursuing them. :)

    As for my hobbies, it’s hard to feel that I have any right now w/ 3 young children in the house, but I would say that while it is nothing new, my love for anything outdoors always leaves me amazed with God’s beautiful creation & leaves me feeling there is no doubt this world did not form by happenstance.

  6. I agree with Mike, hobbies are hard to have with young children at home. I’m with you on the Hunger Games and Downton Abbey though. Also, I read The Help yesterday; the entire book. :) Right now I think my hobby is procrastinating. :)

  7. The doctrine of common grace basically says that everything good is from God. He has given us art, beauty, sports, literature, food – all sorts of wonderful things for our benefit and enjoyment. It’s a good thing to enjoy them as good gifts from him. The problem comes when we forget who the giver is.

  8. Running for sure. Allows me to clear my mind and just think. Plus the process and act of running is spurs the mind to think about Him.

  9. “An authentic life of faith engages God, seeks Him and finds Him in all aspects of life.” Preach! I like this a lot. I find God all over the place in music (both making and listening to).

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