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If you’ve been a believer for any length of time, then you know that we Christians like to chow down. The apostles liked to eat, too. Heck, they hosted a dinner party for 5,000 where the actual head count came to over 10,000. I know, crazytown right? We have a few euphemisms for eating, words like fellowship, koinonia, doing life together. Some are even brazen enough to simply label it breaking bread together. Even our most sacred remembrance of the Savior {communion} involves the act of eating. To prove He was fully resurrected, Jesus Himself ate a piece of fish-apparently He knew Peter would relate.

One way the early church met the needs of one another was by making sure that no one went without food, shelter, or clothing. And, while most people in my life have these things in abundance, they remain real, physical needs to live out life here on earth.

A few years ago, I joined in freezer meal swap parties with some friends of mine. I loved the way this allowed us to serve one another while also serving our own families. The way it works is that we each make 8 meals. Then, we show up and trade 7 our meals and go home with 8 completely different meals. The work is done, and we get to revel in NOT cooking for at least 8 meals. Holla!!!

As a Supermomma to three rambunctious boys, cooking has become a luxury. I used to love trying new recipes and hosting dinner parties at least once a week. But, I haven’t quite figured out how to make that work in my current life season. :( However, these boys still need to eat. And, I still have to cook, or figure out a way to feed my family on something healthier than frozen pizza.

So, the pop parable? There’s like all kinds of directions I could go with this one. For me, I feel like this is sharing a workload with my sisters in Christ. Because we invest so much less time in cooking freezer meals as opposed to traditional meals, it leaves us more time to do other things-like serve our families, volunteer in the community, or simply take a night off. My friend Kellie mentioned in the news story that one of the benefits of the freezer meals is the ability to share a meal at the drop of a hat. I’ve been so abundantly blessed by friends who have provided meals when I was really sick, after the birth of a baby, or even simply because I had a rough day. It’s meeting the needs of another person while expecting nothing in return.

I think Philippians 2:4 is an excellent summary of this way of serving one another:

Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.


Wanna catch me and my girlies on the news? You can watch the whole thing go down right here:

If you’re interested in making freezer meals work for yourself, check out my friend Angela’s blog The Coupon Project where you can all the details.






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