One Last Kiss

Have you heard the most recent Maroon 5 song, “Daylight”? It’s a song about hanging on for one more night before finally admitting a relationship is over. What I have with Pop Parables has long been over, but now we’re finally laying it to rest and moving forward. Before we have our final kiss, we’re gonna revel in the good things about us in a few more posts.

Since July, my bloggy mojo has been resuscitated by my creative pursuits at Bringing Crafty Back. I’ve been making things like this:


and, this is what I’m most proud of:

I’ve also been dabbling in poetry:

 {click the images above to be magically transported to these posts}

While being creative has fulfilled me in a way than Pop Parables never did, I have missed wrestling with my faith through the written word. I have also found myself craving the sharpening of my friends in the blogosphere. So, I’m developing a brand new bloggy project that will be a spin off of Pop Parables. It will be a broader and more varied approach to life and faith. I really hope you’ll join me there come 2013. For now, you can continue to follow me here on Pop Parables or on my Pop Parables Facebook Page, as I’ll be sure to provide all the details there first.

Next week, I’ll have some brand new Pop Parables to share with you. Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?


What have you been up to lately?  Leave me a link to your best post that I’ve missed!


8 thoughts on “One Last Kiss

  1. What’s funny to me is how similar our blogging journey has been. :) It makes me even happier that we’re in the same city and are now face-to-face friends. I’m looking forward to seeing your Pop Parables, I love your crafty blog, and I look forward to what’s coming next.

    1. It is a little eerie, isn’t it? :) Thanks for all your love and support and putting up with all my obsessing about blogginess so no one else has to deal with it.

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